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Urban fashion

For users who are more aware of the environment, in Hatink  we put at your disposal organic clothing and accessories. So you can maintain your lifestyle both outside and inside. 

Within all the lines, the streetwear T-shirts are made with organic cotton. So you can show off your outfit while respecting the planet.

At Hatink we support the most urban and ecological trends, which is why we are committed to an urbanwear style. 

Online urban clothing

We want you to be yourself, to feel comfortable with a style of urban clothing that represents your personality. For this reason, within the concept Urbanwear , we offer a line of old school clothing, based on tattoo designs, with color combinations in sweatshirts, eco-friendly tattoo-style t-shirts, berets and caps .

Dress up the latest without losing your essence, sustainable urban fashion  and casual with Hatink. Buy Streetwear T-shirts Online of the best quality, many of them from Organic and Sustainable Cotton. Organic wear.

Sustainable Urban Fashion

Meet all the t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and berets  Urban and Sustainable  from  HATINK  for Urbanwear and Sportwear fashion lovers .

We have a huge variety of models with original and artistic prints or monochrome that adapt to every style, according to what you like the most or what you feel most identified with.

Get the perfect casual look, and don’t go unnoticed with our cool and daring outfits, a mix of different styles, both in color and shape, suitable for any day of the week.

Urbanwear Online

Casual clothing represents a very widespread informal style as it adapts to most contexts where a specific style of clothing is not required.

Talk about casual clothes  It is talking about a style of its own that has been imposed as a fashion trend in recent years, due to the fact that it allows, in addition to wearing comfortable looks, reflecting the personality and being able to dress in an appropriate way both to go to work and in our time. free.

This style began to triumph among younger women and is now popular among men and women of all ages.

If you want to wear this style, we have some basic recommendations:

Among your basic garments should be jeans, basic T-shirts, shirts, flat shoes, short dresses.

Colors should be varied, showing an endless number of combinations.

This look is identified with 4 key pillars: simplicity, naturalness, comfort and elegance.

Converse or urban style sneakers are also essential and essential pieces in the closet of anyone who wants to dress with a casual style.

The use of recycled complements and accessories of all kinds should be encouraged.

Sports pants or jeans, a t-shirt from your rock outfit or from your favorite character and a sweatshirt are garments that are part of the casual or casual clothing.  Urban and Streetwear style.


T-shirts tattoo design

Hatink was inspired by the tattoo lifestyle, in the old school style, we create t-shirts for  urban people , travelers, unique and different, who never give up and who value relaxed environments such as those of the  ink and tattoos.

Urban clothing made in Spain

Our products are designed and manufactured in Spain, and we also have products with organic cotton from sustainable crops.

Get into Hatink’s urbanstyle and discover our collection of t-shirts, berets, hats and much more.

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