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Tattoo Clothing

In Hatink we have a wide selection of garments and accessories in Urban Ecological Fashion and Sustainable Sportswear, some of them with an original surfer style, which will give your look a casual, informal and comfortable touch.

A unique selection of urban eco-trend, surf and skate sportswear is waiting for you in our catalog.

In Hatink we support and identify ourselves with the most urban and ecological trends, so we bet for a free Sportwear style with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts…

Clothing with tattoo designs

We want you to feel comfortable with a style of urban clothing that fits your needs and your personality. For this we offer a range of very original skate and surf clothing with spectacular color combinations, in all our categories such as sweatshirts, tattoo style ecological t-shirts, shirts.

Some of the most common tattoo styles used in our clothing designs are:

  • Old school tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoo
  • Maori Tattoo
  • Vector Tattoo

Visit our section of casual urban ecological fashion for men, women and for the youngest.

Renew your closet for the next season with HATINK’s Urban, Casual, Sporty and Casual Ecological Style. Buy your Streetwear garments and accessories of the best quality, many of them made of Organic and Sustainable Cotton.

Long sleeve and short sleeve garments, perfect for any season of the year. Go skating or meet your friends and family with a sporty touch but without losing your bold and casual style, with this combination of comfortable and high quality garments.


Discover the complete HATINK Urban Trend catalog for lovers of comfortable, modern and fashionable sportswear ….

We have a huge variety of models with original and artistic prints or monochrome that adapt to every style, according to what you like the most or what you feel most identified with.

Get the perfect casual look, and don’t go unnoticed with our cool and daring outfits, a mix of different styles, both in color and shape, suitable for any day of the week.

Casual, Casual and Urban Clothing

Casual clothing represents a very widespread informal style as it adapts to most contexts where a specific style of clothing is not required.

Talking about Casual cloth is to talk about a style that has become a fashion trend in recent years, because it allows not only to wear comfortable looks, but also to reflect one’s personality and to be able to dress in an appropriate way both for work and leisure time.

This style began to triumph among younger women and is now popular among men and women of all ages.

If you want to wear this style, we have some basic recommendations:

Among your basic garments should be jeans, basic T-shirts, shirts, flat shoes, short dresses.

Colors should be varied, showing an endless number of combinations.

This look is identified with 4 key pillars: simplicity, naturalness, comfort and elegance.

Converse or urban style sneakers are also essential and essential pieces in the closet of anyone who wants to dress with a casual style.

The use of recycled complements and accessories of all kinds should be encouraged.

The maxim to comply with this look is one: you have to be yourself and transmit your personality through your clothes.

A pair of sport pants or jeans, a T-shirt of your rock outfit or your favorite character and a sweatshirt are part of the casual or Urban Style and StreetWear clothing.

Ecological Organic Cotton Garments

Many of our garments are made with Organic Cotton, so they are Ecological Garments, as we are committed to sustainability and care for the Ecosystem.

Now you can wear your most urban and trendy look, in line with sustainable fashion.

Tattoo Apparel

Hatink was inspired by the tattoo lifestyle and created collections for people who are urban, travelers, authentic, who never give up and who value relaxed environments such as ink and tattoos.

Urban clothing in Spain

Our textile products are manufactured in Spain and Portugal, in addition to having garments whose fibers come from organic cotton, grown on land free of toxic substances and ensuring decent working conditions for the staff who carry out these crops.

Get into Hatink’s urbanstyle and discover our collection of t-shirts, berets, hats and much more.

Sustainable urban clothing

At Hatink we are firmly committed to sustainable and ecological fashion that helps us to preserve the planet, without losing the quality of our garments.

That’s why our entire lifestyle collection is made from organic and recycled materials in two types of composition:

Recover Earth

Garments made with a new yarn resulting from the natural blend of recycled cotton recover and virgin organic cotton for comfort and durability.

Urban style caps and berets for men and women

Our HatInk garments are designed for everyday wear, easy and comfortable but keeping the urban style that characterizes us.

Why HatInk is Urban Sytle?

Our urban fashion is considered Urban Style because each Inker represents the values of integration. Dress as you like and don’t hide your inner self. Show off your tattoos, look your own style and shine with HatInk.

What makes HatInk different?

Many of our caps are hand painted by professional tattoo artists and graphic artists, no cap model is 100% identical since being hand painted each product is unique, exclusive and unrepeatable.

Let’s get Inked?

HatInkis more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The urban style that characterizes us is present not only in our caps or berets, it is in our blood, our skin, that’s why we capture in our caps the tattoo styles that represent us.

We have caps with hand-painted designs of Old School Tattoos, Maori Tattoos and Mandala Tattoos for the more traditional, warriors and warrior women and for those seeking inner peace.

Types of caps

Snapback caps

The snapback cap is a style of cap that has become popular in recent years around the world, its main features are to be flat visor and have a snap closure in plastic material in the back, in the event that this would be strap would be a Strapback type cap that shares many similarities with a snapback.

Baseball Caps

In the beginning baseball caps were used in sports. Athletes wear baseball caps to protect themselves from the sun during the game. More and more caps are appearing in sports, Today the baseball cap is, however, much more than a useful accessory for sports. These caps are worn at any age or segment during leisure time or at parties. They are formal and informal accessories and useful companions. The best known manufacturer of these caps is the New Era brand from the USA. Initially New Era caps were produced for the American sports league, and of course, also in our latitude the baseball cap has developed as an absolutely fashionable accessory and is worn all over the world, especially in the hip hop and rap scene it has had a rapid acceptance.from the baseball cap have evolved the military cap, the flat visor cap and the trucker cap. These maintain the main shape of the baseball cap and are distinguished by certain features. For example, the military cap is known for its cylindrical cap shape, the flat cap has a flat visor, as the name implies, and the trucker cap impresses with its mesh back, which usually has an opening and an adjustable snapback flap.

Baseball caps – not only for athletes
In our online store you can find hand painted baseball caps. They have long joined sportswear manufacturers such as Nike or adidas in incorporating stylish designs and textiles suitable for the outdoors. In our store you can choose the right baseball cap for your moment.

Baseball caps for men, women and children
We have baseball caps for men, women and children. It is especially important that children’s baseball caps provide ample shade and protect delicate skin from sunburn. Baseball caps with an extension at the nape of the neck are therefore particularly suitable for small children. For women, baseball caps have become a fashion accessory,

Trucker caps

Trucker caps are a variation of regular baseball caps. From the front it looks at first like a baseball cap. They can have a flat visor or a curved visor. The difference with conventional baseball caps is in the back of the cap, where the trucker cap has a grille portion, and most also have a back opening with a snap-on flap. This part of the cap is the most characteristic part of the baseball cap. Often the front of the cap is made of foam rubber.

Denim Caps

The denim cap or Jeans cap are caps used by all both women and men, the good thing about this type of fabric is that it is very durable, serves for a formal and informal style and give a very urban style.

Flat Visor Caps

Flat caps are also often referred to as rapper caps, and are especially appreciated by kids and young people with a penchant for fashion.

Flat caps are not something for every occasion, although they are more and more often seen at parties, shopping or when out with friends. Flat caps are comparable to baseball caps.

Types of Berets

Leatherette Berets

Berets, also called berets in some countries and regions, are headgear in the set of caps without visors. Give a touch of Urban Style to your outfit with the three-color berets, red berets, black berets and brown berets.

Red Beret

Red leatherette beret for both men and women perfect for the fall season, winter and even spring with HatInk brand embroidery to show off the urban fashion style.

Black Beret

Black leatherette beret for both men and women perfect for the fall season, winter and even spring with HatInk brand embroidery to show off the urban fashion style.

Brown Beret

Brown leatherette beret for both men and women perfect for the fall season, winter and even spring with HatInk brand embroidery to show off the urban fashion style.

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