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Urban wear: The evolution from the street to the skin

The urban wear clothing is more than a trend, young and not so young people bet on this way of dressing, casual, comfortable and carefree.

From the 90’s until today, urban wear fashion has had a very direct relationship with streetwear. Clothing that has always been identified with hip hop, skate and surf but now, from Hatink, we add more urban concepts, such as tattoos and martial arts.

Urban clothing online is a way of dressing that has more and more followers. Young and not so young people bet on this casual, comfortable and casual fashion. Urban Wear is characterized by being bold, lively and fun. It is the clothing worn by young people when they go out to have a good time. From Hatink we want to give our personal touch to this trend with urban garments that reflect the lifestyle of modern people.

Urban wear: Blood and sweat

Do not be alarmed, urban fashion is not the history of suffering, it is the history of evolution. How tastes and trends have been implanted in society and have ended up establishing themselves as a way of life. There is always a first moment in the history of everything, the moment when something comes to light and starts to become popular. From then on, everything developed and evolved into what we know today.

This is the evolution of two concepts on which Hatink grows, tattoo and sport.

In recent years, both tattoos and martial arts have been growing in popularity and success to become standards among young people.

From being concepts related to the suburbs and the lower class, we became a respected and admired way of life.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is now a top-rated sport on television. Proof of this is the success that programs such as “UFC” or “Bellator” are having in Spain.

Tattoos, on the other hand, are an ancient art that has more and more followers. The ease with which we can get a tattoo nowadays has contributed to the fact that more and more people decide to immortalize a moment, a phrase or simply a design on their skin.

Organic clothing trend

Urban clothing trends are very broad, since it is something very subjective. Even so, there is one trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years, and that is organic clothing.

Organic clothing is clothing made from natural and non-toxic materials. It is a clothing that respects the environment and our body.

Some of the materials used to manufacture organic clothing are cotton, linen, silk or bamboo thread. These fabrics are not only durable, but also very comfortable to wear.

Organic clothing is on the rise and more and more brands are joining this ecological and healthy trend. If you like to take care of your appearance and respect the environment, organic clothing is your best choice.

Urban wear: The evolution of street to skin

Another insignia of this urban trend is the passion for ink, tattoos that we wear on our skin.

The most common types of tattoos are tribal tattoos, which symbolize the union of people and the passage of time. These designs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their simplicity and elegance.

Black tattoos are still the favorite of the majority, although more and more people are daring to add a touch of color to their designs.

Tattoos in recent years have ceased to be something taboo and more and more people decide to immortalize a moment, a phrase or simply a design on their skin.

Urban wear store

From Hatink we have created the clothing brand to represent all these concepts.

Our online urban clothing brand is ideal for people looking for an active, modern and daring lifestyle.

Hatink’s garments are comfortable and resistant, perfect to wear on the street.

Don’t forget to visit our urban online store.

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