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Sustainable urban clothing

Sustainable urban clothingis a garment with a small environmental footprint. From the cultivation of the raw materials to the distribution and production of the fabrics, everything is carefully controlled by organizations that then award a label. Among the ecological fabrics, organic cotton predominates.

This style is a trend in the urban world, as people are increasingly concerned about the environment, not only in everyday life but also when dressing. Brands that are committed to eco-fashion are becoming more and more well-known and recognized among consumers.

Sustainable streetwear

Urban clothing has characteristics that are committed to sustainability. The best known brands in urban-sustainable fashion are: Dope Factory, Ecoalf, Organic Basics and Hatink. They are companies that are committed to offering clothing with a streetwear style and that organic touch.

Organic T-shirts

As for clothing, organic T-shirts can be purchased from online stores. There are many options to choose from in terms of design, color and size. But obviously what these types of T-shirts are most intended to emphasize is the concept of “sustainability”.

Urban design trends

Sustainable urban clothing is all the rage. Designs and garments that enhance a trend of “street” clothing with the best of organic trade. It is an urban style for young and modern people who want to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Organic t-shirts are a good option to start incorporating sustainable garments in our closet, as they are easy to combine with other garments and are also comfortable. But this is not the only option, we can also opt for clothes made of eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton.

For this type of T-shirts, floral or animal designs are a good option, as they are fun and cheerful. We see them in various forms, which in the case of Hatink, always have a tattoo component.

Do you know our tattoo t-shirts? They are inspired by all kinds of tattoo styles.

From mass-produced clothing to sustainable clothing

People are increasingly concerned about the environment, not only in their daily lives but also in their clothing. Sustainable urban clothing is an answer to this concern and more and more people are embracing this trend.

Sustainable clothing brands are becoming more and more well-known and recognized among consumers who prefer to go green.

Hatink. Urban clothing with soul.

From Hatink we are committed to create a different and alternative style but with soul, towards respect, freedom and nature.

Discover our urban clothing in our online store.

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